Welding and Brazing

A&E Manufacturing is your one-stop-shop for all your precision welding requirements including MIG welding, TIG welding, and brazing. Our highly trained and skilled welders have years of combined experience to ensure your OEM products, parts, enclosures, and assemblies are welded properly, completely, and to your exact specifications.

Our expert welders work with cold roll steel, aluminum, and stainless steel in thicknesses ranging from 0.030″ to 0.625″.

We can provide: 

  •     Fusing
  •     High Frequency Aluminum Welding
  •     Surface Tension Transfer (STT)
  •     Fillet Welds
  •     Square Welds
  •     V-Grooved Welds
  •     Butt Joints
  •     T Joints
  •     Corner Joints
  •     Lap Joints

Various welding methods offer different advantages:

MIG Welding
  •     High productivity
  •     Minimum cleanup
  •     Can weld sheet metals in all positions
  •     Long welds can be carried out without interruption
  •     Higher deposition rates
TIG Welding
  •     Free of spatter
  •     Superior quality welds
  •     Low distortion
  •     Welding variables can be precisely controlled
  •     Welding can be carried out with or without fillers

If we are not currently certified for your specification we will have a welder certified to your exact specification within 7-14 working days. When you want it welded right the first time, every time, call AE Manufacturing.

Welding/Brazing Partial Equipment List
  •     1 Miller MIG – 300 amp
  •     5 Miller heli-arc welders, 300 amp
  •     1 Linde MIG – 300 amp – portable

Our welders can tackle single part projects or high volume production runs requiring elaborate welding techniques. Please contact us with any size production request.