Sheet metal punch press for forming, piercing, nibbling, slitting and marking

We use a number of CNC punching turret presses that can create holes in a variety of sizes for sheet metal fabrication applications on sheets of up to 1/4 of an inch thick. This enables designs that need holes for lights, power supplies and other needs to be done quickly and meet the highest quality standards.

In addition, our CNC punch processes have streamlined perforation for enclosures such as server racks and medical equipment needs. This results in lower costs per quote as well as improved turnaround time compared to other CNC punching operations that require a full stroke to be completed.

The process starts long before the machines turn on, however. The engineering team members work to adapt the designs clients send in to the instructions sent to the fabricators on the floor, with quality control checks by both a supervisor as well as a laser verification system. This results in the ability to get the parts, enclosures and even sheet metal prototypes done right the first time to the tightest tolerances.

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