CNC Sheet Metal Forming

CNC forming, when done correctly, can result in sheet metal fabrication for clients that allows for difficult curvatures in designs to look as if the metal was that shape from the start. We have decades of experience ensuring that multiple-radius forming matches the expectations of customers regardless of the difficulty.

Further, thanks to experience in matching client designs to our CNC forming capabilities, employees can perfect the process within very tight tolerances. The manufacturing systems meet ISO 9001 2015 quality control standards, meaning that the pieces meet the standards required for demanding applications in the medical industry and other industries. For those instances where the product must meet FCC standards for radiation leakage, our work meets those requirements and will limit any issues for testing and other needs.

Our CNC forming machines can make pieces of up to 10 feet long and we use a number of different brakes that allow for custom work that may not be possible using other machines. However, we also automate many of our bending practices to ensure that the one hundredth part is as consistently produced as the first. Our staff also inspect the parts, enclosures and other sheet metal fabrication that we do at each step of the process to meet our exacting quality control standards.

We look forward to ensuring that you get the results you want and can also help with any finishing you need with our in-house painting, plating, and powder coating departments.

Contact us for more information on our precision sheet metal forming capabilities.