A&E Manufacturing adds an Amada HRB 1003 ATC Press Brake to it’s production line

A&E Manufacturing is excited to add an Amada HRB 1003 ATC to it’s production line! It’s automatic tool changer allows for quick setup in just 4 minutes or less, eliminating time-consuming manual setup and making it possible to seamlessly perform rush and small run jobs. In addition to faster setup times, our HRB 1003 has an auto slide foot pedal to improve operation cycle times, Bi-S Sensor probes and a Digi-Pro measuring device to ensure consistent, accurate bend angles, as well as an L-Shift function to make working with asymmetrical workpieces much easier.

All of this allows us to produce more accurate parts faster, while also providing competitive pricing!

Amada HRB 1003 ATC